My Favorite YouTubers & Why You Should Watch Them

My Favorite YoutTubers & Why You Should Watch Them

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Favorite YouTubers

Yes, you guessed it. These are my favorite Beauty and Fashion YouTubers. All I know about makeup is thanks to them. Don’t know how I went on so long without doing my eyebrows *face palm*. Anywho, let’s get right into it.

Jaclyn Hill

First YouTuber I ever watched. Actually found her on Pinterest while looking up makeup looks. She’s very entertaining and knowledgable on makeup. Her first videos are my favorite. If you need to learn about contouring, where to apply blush, look her up.

Nicole Guerreiro

LOVE her personality. She has oily skin (like me) so I love trying out products she recommends. Her hair tutorials are da bomb too. She’s who thought me how to curl my hair. I looked like a crazy person before Jaclyn and Nicole lol.

Kathleen Lights

She’s just hilarious to me. Her eye looks are my favorite. And there’s something refreshing about her very rarely wearing falsies. Never mastered that art lol. 

Lydia Millen

Newest addition to my list. My go to for fashion. She got me hooked on the Chloe Nile haha. Check out her shoe and handbag collection.

Do you watch YouTube? Who are your favorites?

Thanks for stopping by! We’re almost to the weekend!

Brittany Michelle


  1. I love Jaclyn H and Nicole G, too! They keep it real and don’t shove sponsored products in your face. All of my makeup skills came from watching them on YouTube. I also love Nicol Concilio and Nikkie Tutorials!

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